Lakbai is the best local travel show in Philippine telivision.

Kakaiba…tutuo…at walang halong showbiz.

Don’t get me wrong, Biyahe Ni Drew is also good. But kung minsan may tendency na ioverrate ang isang place. If you know what I mean.

Naging habit ko na na panourin ang Lakbai every Sunday sa TV5. Ang pinakapaborito kung episode ay ang lakbay sa Siquijor.

Wierd iyong part na iniihipan iyong bote na may tubig.

Gusto ko iyong idea na ang mga lugar na pinupuntahan nila ay hindi pa masyadong commercialized.

Higit sa lahat, kahit hindi masyadong sikat ang mga host maliban siguro kay Baste ang mga manunuod ay nakakarelate sa kanila.

Nakikita ng mga viewers any kanilang mga sarili sa mga kalog na host. Normal lang. Walang halong acting. Kung panget ang lugar panget talaga. Kung hindi masarap ang pagkain…sasahihin nila. In short, TUTUO ANG SHOW.

Kuhang-kuha ng show ang kiliti ng manunuod. Kahit nakaupo ka sa loob ng bahay para ka na ring naglalakbay kasama ng mga host.

Lakbai is the best lakbay show.



How to Pass Exams

Chapter 1


Perfect attendance. Keeping notes. Doing homework. Goes to school on time. This things are characteristics of a good student. But the problem is, your always doing badly with your exams. What seems to be your problem? Well don’t worry. Most of us is struggling in making the cut. I have been teaching for ten years now. Nine years in junior high school and one year in college. There are many factors why students fail in their exams. One can say that the problem is much deeper than we think. True! This is not just a simple problem. There is always finger pointing. Teachers from college would say that it is the fault of high school teacher. High school teacher will probably say that it is the elementary teacher that has the fault. All stakeholder…actually should be “blamed.” But this book is not about blaming. This book is about guiding the students in passing this exam.

Let us clear things first. The book is not a substitute for going to school everyday and listening to your teacher or professor. This is just a tool that will assist you in achieving your goal. TO PASS THE EXAM. To pass it with flying colors. Having a high grades is important. When you graduate you are going to use it in finding a decent job. High grades equals good job. Failing grades…you know what will happen.

Education is actually a three edge sword. There are three main actors. Teacher, students, and family. Our main focus is to help the students but we are also going to talk about the teacher. We should understand teachers mentality to easily understand their exam making ability.

Chapter 2

Why We Fail

There many factors that affects the performance of a student. We will discuss it here. This book will show you why you are having a difficult time passing your exam. Here are some of the reason why we fail. Let us examine it.

Top 10 Reason Why You Fail

1. Laziness- No doubt laziness is the number factor of all. Someone told me that it has no cure. Laziness is hereditary. But I disagree. There are ways to combat it. But this not the place to discuss it. When laziness strikes you can not defeat it. There is no motivation that will match laziness. Laziness will surely kill your drive to learn.

2. Lack of motivation- Well motivated individual will reach the moon and the stars. Lack of it…speels failure. Not only student’s needs motivation. Even professionals needs it. One will find it hard to succeed in life without motivation. Learners will always encounter obstacle in the learning process. He will discover many possible solution. But he needs motivation to reach his/her goal.

3. Peer Ralationship- Don’t be alarm. Parent’s should not prevent their children from going out of their house. Socialization is important. Process of socialization will help the development of the young. But bad influence is bad influence. We should guide our sons and daughters.

4. Parent Involvement- Parents are too busy nowadays. They are all work. We can’t blame them. In this materialistic world everyone needs money. It is the obligation of every parents to attend school meeting. It is also their job to follow the academic performance of their children. Meaning they shuold be the one to get the report card at school. Parent’s role in education is cretical.

5. School Culture- It is not the school, it’s the student that matter. Wrong! The school where you are enrolled at will make a difference. You might not have noticed it but in reality those who finished their studies in “good school” have a good and productive life. The culture of the school must foster excellence. Minus this culture students will not strive harder in their studies. Enroll your children in good school with good academic culture.

6. Bad Reading Habit- With easy access to gadgets reading books is a thing of the past. Not only that students does not know how to read properly. Reading involves understanding. Most students knows how to read but does not know how to understand it. Learners today want to shortcut everything. They will not read the entire text.

7. Attendace- How can you answer your exams if you do not attend your class. There are many factors why students are always absent from their classes. But what is clear is that if you seldom goes to school how can you now answer your quizzes.

8. Finance- Financial problem will surely affect your school performance. Without financial support how can you buy materials used in class discussion specially books. Most of the students have to walk for hours just to attend their classes. How could you answer your exam if you are already tired from walking. Worse…you have not eaten because you have no money.

9. Students does not know how to answer- Basic of all, you should know how to answer the exam. When you are asked to enumerate…just enumerate. When the question is essay…explain. When it’s differentiation, differentiate. Some students does not even read the instructions.

10. Bad Teacher- Many will not accept it. But it’s a bitter pill to swallow. Being a teacher, I know the feeling. But according to studies one of the reason why students fail in their exams is because of teacher factor. Some college instructor are “terror.” They terrorized their classes instead of teaching the learner’s. In high school there are teacher who does not know how to smile. In elementary, teacher still uses sticks to make their students listen to the lesson. We are now in the 21st century classroom with 21st century learner’s but some teachers still belongs to the past.

There are many reasons why students fail their exam. What we have here are the top ten based on research.

Chapter 3

How to Pass

Failure is not an option. Nobody likes the losser. It’s human nature.

Question is: How do I pass my exams?

Easy. Just follow my suggestions. This are proven methods tried by many successful students. While some of it might not suit your study habits it will not harm you if you try it. Here are some suggestions on how to pass your exams.

Top 5 Ways to Pass Your Exams

1. Begin studying as soon as possible.
Most students begin studying hours before the exam. We call it cramming. This method of studying will not help. Some schools even have study period before giving the test. The result….we know the result. FAILURE! Studying must start from the very beginning of the discussion of the topic. A good student does not review during examination week. What he/she does is just scanning the lesson not reviewing. Have a timetable in studying your lessons.

2. Make studying a habit
If studying is not in your system you will find it hard to study your lesson. Learning is a process. It is not an outcome. Doing the same thing everyday is difficult. But you have to condition your mind that you must do it everyday.

3. Get enough sleep
Common mistake for most of us…study lesson until the wee hours of the day. Your mind and body will only function 100% if well rested. Meaning enough sleep. Seven to nine hours. Not only that it must also a quality sleep. Again, manage your time. Execution is important. You do not want taking exam feeling sleepy right? Sleep well.

4. Find study buddy
Man by nature is social. We learn through socialization. Socialization is a process of interacting with other people. So the next time you study, find a study buddy. It is easy for us to understand things if we have someone to talk to. Also, the place where you study is important. Find a quite place, free from noise.

5. Focus on your priorities
Focus on your goal. PASSING THE EXAM. Learn how to say no to your friends. They will understand. If they are really your friends they will understand you. True, there are many obstacles in achieving our goal in life. But you should set your priorities in life. Success will depend on you and you alone.

Chapter 4

Prof’s Secret

It’s not actually a secret. It’s an open secret. We are not just noticing it. Some students are doing good on their exams because they know already the secrets of their teachers.

Top Three Secret that is open secret

1. Most if not all exams are recycled
Yes you read it right. 99 percent of exams are recycled. Specially if your teacher is a seasoned teacher. So if you have a friend or know someone who have been a student of that teacher better ask them to give to you his/her test paper from past school year.

2. Pattern..pattern..pattern
Most teacher love to “test” their students while giving a test. They will give clues and pattern on their exams. In a true or false type of test for example, number 1 is always true. When taking the exam take note of the patterns.

3. Most exams are lifted from the exercises in the book
Teacher’s are well-trained professional. But they are just human. Why waste time formulating test questions when you can lift it from the book.

Chapter 5


Still not convinced? Here are some quotes that might inspire you to do your best in school.

Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure
Napoleon Hill

Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success

Failure is good as long as it doesn’t became a habit
Michael Eisner
CEO Disney

Failures are part of life. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn you’ll never change.

I will not say I failed 1000 times. I will say that I discovered there are 1000 ways that can cause failure.
Thomas Edison

I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friends passed in all, now he is an engineer in Microsoft, and I am…
The owner of Microsoft.
Bill Gates

Chapter 6


Blogger Bee



Ilang buwan na ba ng huli akong magsulat sa libreng espansyo na ito sa world wide web? Hindi ko na matandaan. Wala kasi akong maisip na matinong paksa. Ayon sa mga kilalang blogger kailangan daw makuha ang kiliti ng mga mambabasa upang mapansin ang isang artikulo. Problema hindi ko talaga alam ang kiliti ng mga mambabasa. Niche daw ang tawag nito. Kaya nga walang dereksiyon ang mga artikulong sinusulat ko. Subalit noong nakaraang mga araw biglang bumukas ang pinto para sa akin…oportunidad para ipagpatuloy ang gusto kung gawin, ang pagsusulat.

Para sa pagbabalik ng anythingthathappen, napagpasyahan ko na tungkol sa edukasyon ang magiging paksa ng aking mga isusulat. Sa pamamagitan nito hindi lang mga estudyante ang matutulungan ko kung hindi pati na rin mga kapwa ko guro. Tutuo mabilis ang pagkua ng mga impormasyon sa internet pero walang kasiguruhan kung tutuo ang mga ito. Kung kaya minarapat ko na tutukan ang mga impormasyon makakatulong sa mga makabagong bayani…ang mga GURO. 

Usap-usapan ngayon saan ka man pumunta….lugar na madalas puntahan ng mga guro ang tungkol sa nagpapatuloy na rangking sa DepEd para sa mga gustong pumasok bilang teacher one o T1. Pero matipid ang mga inilalabas na impormasyon ng DepEd Camarines Sur para dito. Halimbawa, inilabas ang schedule para sa EPT pero hindi ang RQA o registry of qualified applicants. Malinaw sa Division Memorandum ang petsa ng EPT at kung saan ito gagawin subalit hindi makita ang RQA na dapat sana ay attachment sa memorandum. Kung ano ang dahilan sa pagkakawala ng RQA sa online portal ng DepEd Cam.Sur sila lang ang maaaring magpaliwanag. Sayang naman at hindi sinasamantala ng DepEd ang serbisyo ng internet. Internet ang pinakamabilis na paraan sa pagpapakalat ng impormasyon, isang pindot lang alam agad ang anunsiyo.

Siyanga pala, para sa hindi pa alam ang schedule ng EPT sa Cam.Sur batay sa Division Memo bilang 82 series of 2017 gagawin ang pagsusulit na ito sa darating na Abril 8-9 sa Rodriguez National Highschool sa bayan ng Pili. Kailangan lang na magdala ng lapis, ballpen, at papel ang isang examinee. Batay sa impormasyon, mayroong gagamiting answer sheet at test booklet sa EPT. Nakasentro sa reading and comprehension ang exam at mayroon ring subject-verb agreent… uri ng test na kadalasang ibinibigay sa mga aplikante sa isang trabaho. Maliban sa papel, lapis, at ballpen kailangan magdala ang mga aplikante ng mahabang pasensiya…101 percent mahaba ang pila. Kasama kasi sa EPT ang mga aplikante mula sa elementarya, junior highschool, senior highschool, at iyong mga aplikante noong 2015.


Tapos na ang halalan. Balik na rin sa normal ang buhay ng marami sa atin. Mayroong panalo at mayroon ring talunan. Mayroong nadaya at mayroon ding nandaya. Ganyan talaga…politika.
Malinaw para sa akin ang naging resulta ng eleksyon. Maaari ko itong ihalintulad sa isang tahanan. Isang tahanan na mayroong nakatirang mga anak at mga magulang.
Maaari nating sabihin na tayong mga botante ang mga anak at mga nanalong pangulo at pangalawang pangulo ang ating mga magulang. Malinaw na ang gusto ng maraming tao ay isang matatag na tahanan. Isang ama na tunay na haligi ng tahanan at isang ina na gagabay bilang ilaw ng tahanan. Si Rody Duterte ang haligi ng bansa at ang ating VP na si Leni ang ILAW NG TAHANAN.


Sampal sa Mukha

Isa sa mga bagay na hindi mo dapat gawin sa isang tunay na Pilipino ay ang sampalin sya sa kanyang mukha. Noong panahong ng ikalawang digmaang pandaigdig maliban sa baril pangalawa ang sampal sa mga “lethal weapon” ng mga mananakop na Hapones na ginamit sa maraming mga Pilipino. Ginamit ang sampal ng mga mananakop na Hapon upang ipaalam sa mga Pilipino na mabababang uri tayo ng tao. Subalit ang gawaing ito ng mga mananakop ay sumabog sa kanilang mga mukha. Imbes na matakot sa mga ito maraming mga Pilipino ang sumali sa mga guerilla. Dahil dito mas lalong lumakas ang pwersa ng mga Pilipino at alam na natin kung ano ang naging resulta nito. Hindi alam ng mga Hapon na mas gugustuhin ng mga Pilipino na barilin na lamang sila imbes na makatikim ng mga malulutong na sampal sa mukha. Itinuturing ng kultural Pilipino ang sampal bilang pag-alipusta sa kanilang pagkatao, at paginsulto sa kanilang dignidag bilang isang nilalang. Kaya nga kapag nanunuod tayo ng teleserye at sinampal ng kontrabida ang ating bida…gusto nating gumanti kahit hindi naman tayo kasama sa eksena. Bakit kaya ganyan ang ating reaksyon? Muli nating balikan ang unang bahagi ng sulating ito…nasa kultura natin ang pagkamuhi sa mga ganitong uri ng gawain. Sampalin kaya kita, anong gagawin mo?
Sa programang  Executive Session sa DZRH tuwing sabado sinabi ng host ng programa na si Atty. Teddyboy Locsin na ” A vote for Marcos is a slap in the face of the Filipino People.” Hindi natin masisi ang mama, isa sya sa mga naging saksi sa kalupitan ng rehimeng Marcos. Mabilis kung naintindihan kung bakit nasabi nya ang mga katagang iyon.
Malapit na ang halalan…sa araw ng lunes boboto ulit tayo. Mainit ang labanan lalo na sa pangalawang pangulo. Sa pinakahuling survey ng kapwa Pulse Asia at Social Weather Station lamang na ang tunay na pambato ng Bikol si Leni Robredo at nakasunod naman si Bobong Marcos. Sa pagkakataong ito, gusto ba nating masampal sa ating mga mukha oras na magkamali tayo sa pagsulat sa balota? Sino ang pipiliin mo? Ang kandidatong may tunay na pagmamahal sa bayan o kandidatong nagkukunwari lamang. Huwag na nating ibalik ang madilim na nakaraan at piliin ang makakatulong sa kinabukasan ng bayan. No to Marcos! No to Martial Law.

Aral ng Kasaysayan

A vote for Marcos is a slap in the face of the Filipino people….
                                Atty. Teddyboy Locsin
                                Executive Session

Malayo-layo na rin ang narating natin bilang isang bansa makaraang mapatalsik ang mga Marcos sa Malakanyang. Ilang linggo na lang ang natitira muli na naman tayong maghahalal ng ating mga lingkod bayan. Sisirain ba natin ang lahat ng ating ipinakipaglaban at muling bumalik sa madilim na nakaraan? Matuto na tayo sa mga aral ng kasaysayan at magboto para sa mas matiwasay at maunlad na kinabukasan.


A vote for Marcos is a slap in the face of the Filipino people…

                           Atty. Teddy Boy Locsin
                           Executive Session